Thursday, February 15, 2018


When I purchased the Mevo camera I realized very quickly that I needed another source for audio as the Mevo Mic was not the best. I. found this unit on Amazon called the Saramonic SmartRig+Saramonic SmartRig+. This device works very well and is easy to use. Simply plug it into the headphone Jack and you can bring in up to 2 channels of audio to be used in the Mevo camera. 


  • INPUTS: Two 3-pin XLR, Two 3.5mm (TRS), Two 1/4" (Guitar)
  • OUTPUTS: One 3.5mm (1/8") Output Connector - Output Switch for TRRS (Smartphones, Tablets) and TRS (DSLR's Camcorders, Recorders)
  • PHANTOM POWER: +48V Phantom Switch Provides Power to XLR Inputs
  • OTHER FEATURES: Mono/Stereo Switch, Independent Gain Controls for 2 Channels, Headphone Monitoring Jack

This device gets 2 Thumbs up..




Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Some of the other nice features are an Ethernet port and USB port for charging a phone or other device. The Ethernet port is a great idea as the transfer speeds are much more guaranteed. It also will connect to Wi-Fi and so far that looks to be fairly stable. In the past many review where not so favourable for the wireless connections but with the new hardware it looks to be much better. 

So far I have used it in 2 different scenarios.

 1- My bands live rehearsal. I would have to say that Zoom kicks Mevos ass in this test. Basically, the Mevo will go into heavy compression when presented live music. You can hear this compression as a pumping kind of effect. They need to do some work there which would definitely open up quite a few more usage scenarios as live band would kill for a solution to broadcast live.

 2- My school often does guest speakers and we sometimes like to broadcast these talks. In this situation the Mevo does a much better job. One of the features that does need you to spend some time with is the Facial Tracking which will follow the presenter. It will take some experimentation to figure out what works for you.


The takeaway from this purchase is that I am not going to return it but I would like to let Livestream know that there are some features that really could make this the killer product. Some of these things could be dealt with through software updates other may need upgraded hardware..


The Pros:

  • Remote controlled by Android or IOS device
  • Can take in external Audio through audio adapter on the phone.
  • Video Switching and facial following/recognition 
    • I feel this is still in kind of a beta state and could be made much better in the future. 

The Cons:

  • Audio could be way better especially in a louder live music scenario
    • If you where to compare this to the Zoom devices, things could be much better.
  • I would like to see an audio input on the actual camera as well as the phone input.

 I will also be reviewing a Saramonic audio interface for Android and IOS next..





Monday, September 25, 2017

This weekiend I picked up a Google home as  thought there was something there and needed to check this thing out. What become very obvious right away was that we are definately slightly behind the US on the roll out of this techniology. Even so I think this thing has legs and I will continue to delve into the current capabilities. I'll post thing as I come across them, both good and bad. 



Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I just recently had an outage with my Telus Optik service. This unfortunately affected both TV and Internet Services as they are closely tied. I called in the morning after noticing the TV was freezing and dropping out  as well as the internet drop outs looked to synch up to the TV issues. I called support in the morning from work, my wife was trying to work from home that day so she could test the potential fixes. They attempted some optimizations on the main Fibre Interface and these just seemed to make it worse. I called again later, they tried again and the fixes did noting to solve the issues.

When I arrived home that night it was decided that a Service tech should come out and then I was told it would be 2 weeks which I immediately told them this was unacceptable as it was virtually unusable the way it was. The person on the phone than asked me to retrieve mac addresses from the Main Router and also the Fibre connect box which was attached to the wall. I told the operator that the unit was attached to the wall and she asked me to remove it to retrieve the Address.

This is where things took a turn for the worse, What I didn't know was they the main fibre coming in from the wall was attached underneath the box to the wall so when I attempted to move the box I pulled the fibre out of the connector which completely killed the connection with no other recourse than a tech coming out. At this point I told them I would not accept the 2 week estimate and they had better figure this out. After getting no where with the  person on my phone  she finally put me through to someone else and we got the time from 2 weeks to 5 days which is what it eventually took. This is still unacceptable as this will end up costing us in Cellular data charges as we where all at the end of our data limits due to the time of the month.

As well I was offered a survey which I was very honest about my experience. At the end iof the survery i was aksed if I woudl like someone to contact me within a couple of day.. I of course said yes contact me.. But so far no one has made any attempt to do this which convinces me even more that no one cares about the existing customers..


Not good Telus and I will be looking elsewhere in the near future as soon as any deal is offered. I am not done withthis and if you won't contact me than you can expect a call..